How To Travel and Enjoy Europe Cheap


Have you always wanted to travel to Europe because you are fascinated about seeing the sights, exploring new places, meeting different people, tasting national cuisines, and experiencing other cultures? Do your limited finances hold you back? Don’t give up hope. There are many ways to economize yet get the most out of your travels. 

However, you will have to slash away at the prices, do without some comforts of life, refrain from buying impulses, travel extremely light, depend on others, and be prepared to share with people you meet. You can have wonderfully exciting experiences that will help you learn about the cultures you encounter. Traveling on a low budget takes courage, stamina, and independence so you should go while you still have the health, resources, and opportunity. Don’t put it off. The trip will be an adventure that most likely will change your life as you become more insightful about the world and humanity! This book presents the basics but you can add your individual specifics. Let’s explore the possibilities together. 

If you’re looking to travel on a low budget and wondering where you should go, here are the best and cheapest places to travel in Europe:

I- Greece

The Greek government for its 2011 budget, made deep spending cuts. However, because tourism is such important business in Greece, the government reduced its value-added tax on the tourism industry from 11 to 6.5 percent. The country’s recent financial crisis also means savings for visitors. Therefore, this is a particularly good time to visit Greece.

II- Malta

In the heart of the Mediterranean, you are able to find consistently pleasant weather on the island of Malta. Increasingly, it is popular as a low-cost destination in Europe. Malta offers friendly people and an active nightlife as well as opportunities for sight-seeing and scuba diving.

III- Italy: Cinque Terre

One of the best-kept travel secrets is northern Italy’s coastal region of Liguria where five tiny seaside villages compose the Cinque Terre region. Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso, Riomaggiore, and Vernazza are proud villages perched above the sea that are surrounded by vineyards. Life is laid back and pastimes are simple when you can walk from one village to the next along trails that reveal spectacular vistas, or you can swim in the Mediterranean, bask in the sun or indulge in delicious local food and wine.

IV- Turkey: Turquoise Coast

Vacations on the Italian Riviera and the Greek islands are pricey, and costs for holidays along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast are rising rapidly. However, you can still find bargains along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. This spectacular 1,000-mile shoreline offers azure blue waters, ancient ruins, great food, culture, and music. The most interesting part of the coast lies between the cities Antalya and Dalaman, which in summer are connected with Istanbul by regular air and bus service.

V- Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland: Alps

Vacations in the Alps represent one of Europe’s greatest values. You may bring along your own boots for hiking, rent skis and gear for the slopes, or borrow snow- shoes for cross-country treks on well-marked trails. Mountain huts offer cheap beds and reasonable, tasty menus. The scenery is also spectacular.

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